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Turning Chaos into Business Order ®
Turning Chaos into Business Order ®

Company Overview


Hyder & Associates was established in 1984 by Sharon Hyder, CMC, CRM (Certified Management Consultant, Certified Records Manager). Initially, the consulting firm worked primarily with paper documents and used microfilm as the primary back up storage media. However, over the years, new technologies have come along drastically changing the way records are managed. Today document management software and electronic imaging are used to improve record and data storage more efficiently. Using a customized approach, Hyder & Associates assesses each company's needs developing a specific Records Management Program (as opposed to a 'cookie cutter' approach) to provide solutions to their existing problems.


Every three years, the number of records we process doubles due to the speed and ease of use of information technology.

This creates a need for more efficient filing systems that can locate records quickly. A Records Retention Schedule is required to know how long to keep that information and when to destroy older records, per legal requirements.


One often overlooked problem, that many firms experience is the mismanagement of their records, which can and does present a serious legal risk to organizations. Hyder & Associates researches the length of time any legal documents need to be kept then sets up a retention schedule to ensure important documents are kept for that length of time and just as importantly, that legal documents that have met their retention requirements are properly disposed of.

The new federal rule - "E-Discovery" means any electronic info you have is now discoverable. Because of this federal rule, it is more important than ever to have an updated Records Retention Schedule so organizations can meet all local, federal and state requirements and comply with the rules on electronic discovery.

Why Companies Need Our Services

All large organizations have millions of records, documents and files in various formats. How do users know how to locate them? Being able to find the information quickly is vital. Information is an asset and should be treated properly.

Our Objectives:

Hyder & Associates' objective is to:

  1. Economize clients' recordkeeping practices.
  2. Make it easier for them to access and store valuable data.
  3. Minimize the risk of lost records by establishing more secure systems.
  4. Dispose of records in a timely and legal manner.
  5. Reduce paper and streamline data.

We are here to help you to develop a cost effective program. Please contact us with any questions you may have.

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