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Turning Chaos into Business Order ®

Services Provided

Consulting Services

  • Needs Assessment:

    • We complete a needs assessment study to determine your firm's strategic Records Management Plan.
    • Assess active and inactive records.
    • Assess any problems with records, such as filing and retrieval, then suggest improvements in efficiency.
    • Make recommendations on how to improve recordkeeping - paper and electronic.
    • Recommend the best software and data storage systems to meet your needs for space and growth.
    • Determine whether your firm is a candidate for imaging.
  • Classification Systems: A File Plan is the methodology of how your company needs to file its documents and data. We analyze your needs, and then establish a classification system that takes into account the types of files each department/division uses.

  • Electronic Records Systems: To provide ease of access and storage, we can recommend electronic document management systems and bar code tracking systems.

  • Records Retention Schedule: Every company needs to have a Retention Schedule which sets the framework for what records your firm is required to keep and which can be disposed of legally. We research all legal requirements (federal, state and local), then develop a policy for your company to manage.

  • Procedures and Manuals: We develop policies and procedures for your firm's Records Management Program. Training staff is the key to any successful Records Management Program.

  • Vital Records Program: Certain records are essential to your organization's functions in the event of a disaster such as a fire, flood, or earthquake. We identify which records are vital to your organization.

  • Inactive Records Storage. Storage of inactive records is expensive when stored in an office. We assist clients in evaluating their inactive storage requirements within the organization or with a third party vendor.

Automated Tracking Systems

  • Bar Code Systems: We can recommend systems to install bar code tracking so each file's location can always be determined.

  • Conversion: We can recommend systems for converting paper and electronic files for easier storage.

File Conversion Services

  • Classifications:

    • We can consolidate bulk files for indexing or offsite storage.
    • Convert data from old systems to new methodology/digitized files.
    • After setting up the system, we train staff and identify file coordinators within the organization who can continue running the programs correctly.

Disaster Recovery Programs

  • Contingency Planning: We develop contingency plans identifying essential records that need to be backed up or recreated in the event of a disaster.

  • Business Continuity Planning: We provide expertise in all areas of developing this plan, which includes: 

    • Review of existing plans for your key business Operations, Emergency Response, Communications, Human Resources, Information Technology, and critical single source vendor plans.
    • Establish strategy to meet prioritized recovery objectives.
    • Perform awareness, training, testing and maintenance of the plan

Facilities Management

  • Records Relocation

    • We work with architects, interior designers, corporate facilities managers and moving companies to help design proper filing areas within an organization.
  • Equipment Evaluation

    • We assist clients by providing plans to facilitate storage of paper records.
    • Identify equipment for efficient filing such as mobile, movable and static file cabinets for improved space planning.
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